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13 February 2012 @ 08:55 pm
A Master Rant.  
Regarding The End Of Time and John Simm's flawless acting.

What really (sort of) peeves me off in The End Of Time is the VFX. On one hand, they can be absolutely awesome:

But on the other, incredibly silly:

And that skeleton effect that gets done on the Master is what irritates me the most, because it covers John's face. And near the end when the Master attacks Rassilon for the Doctor, so many heartbreaking emotions can't be seen because of that damned in-and-out phasing skeleton.

That pain and desperation on his face gets almost completely missed because it's so quick, and with the effect that overlays it... ugh! This is a very important and character building scene for the Master, and Simm does it so, so well. Such a shame.

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